Meet our General Manager Kevin Brown!

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Meet our General Manager Kevin Brown!

This week, we sat down with Kevin Brown, Maria's son, and talked to him to find out more about him!

How long have you been in and why did you get into the hearing industry?

"I started the hearing clinic with my mother (Maria Brown) in 2004. We actually just passed our 17 year anniversary. Originally I found the technology and the difference it could make really fascinating which is why I was studying Audiometry for two years. It was during my time balancing my studies and managing the clinic that I realised the business management and advertising sides of the business interested me more."

"It was from there that I adjusted my studies and pursued that side of the business which has proven to be quite fun but also challenging."

What does your average day look like?

"Well, I organise and run basically all of the day to day management of the business and its three office location. That includes all of the strategic and planning work, advertising and marketing, oversight on accounting, client correspondence and day to day coordination of activities and work around the three offices.

Because we are operating across the state, the logistical scale of executing this work has grown quite large (thank god for wine some weeks!), not to mention we are trying very hard to ensure every office is able to deliver the same level of quality and care that our primary office in Hobart is delivering.

In terms of how this translates to day to day, it really starts with planning out my day early, lots of emails over a pot of tea (peppermint of course!), coordinating and dealing with client facing requests and queries and then mostly advertising and communications activities in the afternoon. Some days I also do home visits to clients for cleaning, maintenance etc. A good mix of daily and monthly tasks ensure no two days are ever the same for me!"

Favourite sound?

"It would either have to be any song ever composed by Ludovico Einaudi or the sound of people enjoying warm summer weather along the waterfront in Hobart.

This might however be biased by the fact when I am listening to these sounds, I usually have a wine glass in my hand."

Favourite location(s) in Tassie?

"Oh there are so many to choose from! Salamanca definitely for the vibrancy, people and good food. I do also love the Tamar Valley, the wineries and the drive up there is just sublime.

Apart from that however, I did have the pleasure of driving the east coast in February, and honestly, I had not been in many years, talk about beautiful. I think as I am getting older I really and coming to appreciate how beautiful most of Tasmania actually is!

Many years ago as well I used to love going up Mount Wellington to watch the sun rise. I strongly suggest if you have the tolerance for a 4am start to try it some time. Truly one of the best seats on earth."