Signia - StreamLine TV

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Direct streaming in Dolby Digital sound quality

Intuitive, fully automatic handling for a state-of-the-art wireless listening experience: StreamLine TV feeds audio from the hearing aid wearer’s television directly into his or her hearing aids in Dolby Digital quality.

Supports multiple listeners

StreamLine TV enables direct streaming into multiple pairs of compatible Signia hearing aids at the same time. This offers the most convenient way to watch TV with the whole family when other family members also wear hearing aids.

Easy remote control

Via the Signia app, your client can easily start and pause TV streaming as well as adjust the volume as he or she wishes without any need for an onboard control.

Compatibility with other Signia connectivity technologies

StreamLine TV is fully compatible with other streaming technologies offered by Signia. This enables the wearer to accept a phone call while watching TV, automatically pausing the TV stream.