Copy of Finance

At Maria Brown Hearing Clinic, we understand that the purchase of a hearing system is a substantial investment. This is why we have an interest free option available. For us, this facility is about helping remove the barrier between you and solving hearing loss.

Receive the benefits of the worlds best hearing technology with a $0 up front cost and 6 month interest free finance!

This program is designed for the hearing industry with no hidden interest or charges.

We want cost to never be a factor for you when it comes to addressing hearing loss. The benefits of interest free finance are the following:

  • $0 up front cost and 6 months interest free
  • Access to the worlds best hearing technology
  • Pay the cost off at your own pace
  • $99 a year account keeping fee is all you pay
  • No penalty for paying off faster or slower
  • A 10 minute application is all it takes

For more information on our interest free finance service offering, contact us on 1300 797 519 or fill in the form below.