Frequently asked questions

I think I have hearing loss, what now?

The best place to start is with a hearing test. For anyone over 20 years of age, hearing tests are 100% free. A hearing test takes about 30 minutes and can be booked at any of our three offices around the state. Simply bring yourself along with some identification and leave the rest to the experts.

In some cases, follow up testing may be conducted, or referred to a local E.N.T surgeon for more specific forms of testing.

I am looking to buy a hearing aid, what do I do?

A hearing device is a significant investment for you and your hearing. If left untreated for long periods of time it can affect communication, lead to depression and cut you off from your surroundings and those you love. Making sure you get multiple opinions, along with making sure you are finding someone you can trust with your hearing care is very important. Also, making sure you are finding the best value can save you thousands just here in Tasmania! So be sure to make a few calls and even ask if your provider does free trials or offers any money back guarantees.

The good news is, we do all of the above!

How do I know what you recommend is the best solution for my hearing?

Many people just assume the specialist knows best. But what if the company they work for is owned by a manufacturer? Then a large number of times all your going to be shown is products from that one company, not what is truly best for your hearing.

Also, ask what the real world applications to the levels you are being recommended are. If you aren't sure, any reputable business will be able to allow you to have a trial of the product in question.

Maria Brown Hearing Clinic is privately owned and operated and has access to over 10,000 different kinds of hearing aids from over 10 of the world's leading hearing aid manufacturers. We have chosen to stay this way so we can pick and choose which hearing aids we feel meet the very highest technology, value and quality standards we have set before we can recommend it to you.

We still recommend doing your research but certainly, we feel this edge over a large amount of our manufacturer owned competitors helps us find you the very best solution for your hearing.

What is included in the price?

Not only do we guarantee the lowest price for hearing aids in Australia, we also now guarantee the lowest cost for hearing care.

Instead of paying thousands of dollars in hearing care on top of the already high cost of the hearing aids themselves we designed an all inclusive hearing care program called GOLD. For more information on how this program saves you thousands of dollars in ongoing hearing care costs, click here.

Am I protected if I don't find the solution to my hearing that I am looking for?

Why pay for something only for it to sit in the draw? Ask providers if they give any trial periods or money back guarantees. Also, ask to see it in writing so you know you are protected.

Maria Brown Hearing Clinic offers free trials on any of the 10,000 products we sell. We also offer after the trial period a 60-day return policy. This is designed to ensure we have zero clients who are not using their hearing aids and makes sure you are completely satisfied with your purchase and not simply sitting your hearing aids in the draw.

We want there to be 100% no risk to our clients when trusting us with their hearing care needs.

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