Insio IX

Insio IX

Engineered for conversation.


Meet Insio IX IIC/CIC, our smallest and most discreet custom hearing aid, newly engineered to reduce background noise and keep you in the conversation.


Why choose Inisio IX?

Signia calls it the Insio advantage.

Enjoy the simplicity of a discreet, nearly invisible hearing aid that’s made for your ears.

Experience significant improvements in every conversation with the new and improved Insio IX, expertly designed to enhance speech in noisy environments.


Unleash the power of conversation with Insio IX


Top five reasons to choose Insio IX

Better sound. Upgraded to our latest hearing technology platform for optimized sound quality.

Small and discreet. Available in Completely-in-Canal (CIC) and Invisible-in-Canal (IIC) models.

Enhanced focus. Engineered to focus on what matters, leave background noise in the background, and keep you in the conversation.

Improved comfort. An improved design offers a snug and comfortable fit.


Hear friends, family and loved ones again