AUSTRALIANS. YOU NEED TO Stop paying too much!

Each year we have over 100 people travel to our small island here in Tasmania to change their hearing care provider and this number is growing fast! Why?

Because we guarantee to slash mainland residents hearing aid and hearing supplies cost by thousands of dollars! Some mainland residents have reported saving over $5000 on their hearing aids and thousands of dollars more in their after sales running costs. Why would you pay more for less?


1) We will only recommend the best hearing aid for your specific hearing loss.
Not many people realise that a large percentage of hearing clinics in Australia are owned by hearing aid manufacturers. This can disadvantage you in that this means you will only ever be recommended hearing aids from that specific company. Not ideal if there happens to be someone else out there doing something better at half the price! At Maria Brown Hearing Clinic we get to choose from over 10,000 different kinds of hearing aids from the worlds best hearing instrument manufacturers. This means we only ever recommended the best hearing device to solve your hearing loss.

2) We use this volume to get the price down for you.
Because we sell all makes and models of hearing aids, accessories and batteries, we get to make sure each company price matches the other. If they don't offer comparable value for money, they lose the opportunity to be recommended by our specialists. No company has declined this invitation yet. Amazingly in some cases this has lowered the cost of some hearing aids by as much as 35% and had lowered the cost of our batteries by 50%!!! Instead of pocketing this saving for ourselves, we pass this onto you.


One other part of hearing care we are constantly trying to save our clients money is in the after sales category. When doing your research it is important to make sure you understand just how the cost structure is assembled. Getting a good price up front doesn't always mean you are actually saving. At Maria Brown Hearing Clinic we have a very simple approach to how we price our products and the after sales costs associated with them:

We think hearing aids cost enough as it is, so our clients only have to pay for the hearing aids and the rest is free; Hearing tests, consultations, adjustments, batteries, wax stoppers, domes, in house servicing all free! The only thing you then pay for is any billing from the manufacturer that we simply pass this onto you. On our end, you wont get another bill from us until the hearing aids reach end of life in 6-10 years.

Asking the right questions are important when looking to save money. One has to ask the question. If we can not only save you thousands of dollars on the hearing aids themselves, why is it that you then get charged for everything you need in after sales?

If you have any questions simply visit the contact us page and someone will reply to you within one business day. Or call 1300 797 519.