Maria Brown - Hearing Specialist / Audiometrist

"I have dedicated 20 years to this industry and this is a total obsession with providing the best care, the best technology, the best feeling for hearing aids we can possibly create for people. If I can just change one person's experience and make it positive then I have succeeded, one person at a time. It is a slow process as many do not get the care they need or want.

The hearing industry is beset by negativity and it's my plan to change how people feel about hearing aids. I don't want to sell hearing aids, I want to help people."

Nicholas Ng - Hearing Specialist / Audiologist

"I am a diligent and enthusiastic audiologist that obtained my qualifications at the University of Melbourne. I studied a Bachelor of Science, also at the University of Melbourne and graduated with honours prior to studying the Masters of Clinical Audiology. In total, it combines to 6 years of tertiary education and over 5 years with clinical exposure.

Being a part of the team here at Maria Brown Hearing Clinic we take "The Experts in Hearing Care" tag quite seriously and to me personally, it means providing the highest level of service and rehabilitation possible to our clients. You can rest assured that by trusting us with your hearing care, we will exhaust every clinical avenue to get the very best out of your hearing as humanly possible. That’s my promise to you as your audiologist."

Kevin Brown - Company Manager

"My original interest in helping start Maria Brown Hearing Clinic 14 years ago came from wanting to help people reconnect with the world around them through the use of technology. I loved the idea of being able to help reconnect people in ways the hearing industry never had before.

As the business manager, it is my job to help make our organisation stronger, more dynamic, innovative and forward thinking. By doing this, it empowers our specialists to focus on what really matters; caring for our wonderful clients and getting results for them. This defined focus has allowed our company to provide hearing care to many thousands of Australians."