We call it the "wall of love"

We call it the "wall of love"

Welcome to our testimonials page. Hear for yourself what hearing better and living better sounds like directly from our clients.


"I so glad I found Maria"

For years I had battled with not hearing very well but I had friends who had spent considerable amounts of money on hearing aids and wouldn’t wear them. I decided I would do my own research and I chose Maria Brown. She was wonderful. After several consultations Maria explained what I needed and why. With Maria I had a choice and then the follow up of adjusting etc.

Now I have hearing aids that not only allow me to hear but I can wear them 12 -14 hours a day with no problem. What Maria gives you is a choice and it is all about you and what you feel comfortable with. I am so glad I found Maria as my friends haven’t been happy with their hearing care.

- J. Davis, Launceston


"Experience of positivity and caring..."

The whole process of being tested and fitted for my hearing aids has been one of positivity and caring. I would highly recommend Maria to friends and family.

Also the wine, cheese and biscuits is awesome too. Thank you.

- J. Poole, Hobart


"Welcoming, friendly and supportive experience"

I would like to thank the team at the Maria Brown Hearing Clinic for making my introduction to hearing aids a welcoming, friendly and supportive experience.

Maria’s thoroughness and re-assurance made for stress-free appointments and Michelle’s greetings, communications and hospitality made the visits relaxing.

- R. Beck, Blackmans Bay


"My hearing welfare is a serious part of their business ethics"

With the ongoing support and service provided by Maria Brown Hearing Clinic, I have learn't more about the capabilities of my hearing aids and how to look after them to ensure their optimum performance. This service has been cost free and demonstrates to me that Maria Brown Hearing Clinic has my hearing welfare as a serious part of their business ethics. 

At my age it is comforting to know that my history of “hearing aid support” is held by Maria Brown Hearing Clinic, a client of whom I will continue to remain for many years to come.

- R. Morgan, Taroona


"I am becoming social again!"

Before visiting Maria Brown Hearing Clinic I had a shocking history of one failure after another with hearing aids dating back to 1982!

I was offered a trial by Maria Brown and haven’t looked back since. I have even found myself becoming social again after many years of simply not hearing a thing in crowded rooms and restaurants. It has been a real joy having someone find the right solution for me and still be there with me every step of the way.

- S. Gumley, Sorell


"Thrilled to hear my daughter on the phone again"

Being older and not as mobile as I once was, I have found that having someone come to my home has been a blessing. I have also not heard this well in years.

I am also thrilled to be able to understand what my daughter is saying on the phone again. With her living in Sydney, our phone conversations are the only way I can stay in touch with her most of the year. I cannot thank Maria enough for what she has given back to me. 

- M. DeAngelo, Sandy Bay


"Refreshing to have someone explain to me why I needed a hearing aid"

Thank you to the team at Maria Brown Hearing Clinic for your outstanding customer service and care. Just the highest quality medical service I have received since moving to Hobart from Sydney 5 years ago. 

It has been refreshing to have someone explain to me why I needed a hearing aid and not just telling me I had to have one. Thank you to everyone for getting my ears back up and running.

- J. Stewart, Launceston


"It's lovely to be reconnected to the world in comfort"

My journey from distracting Tinnitus, reading lips and repeatedly saying "pardon", go hearing everyday conversation, relaxing and enjoying gatherings with friends and family has been a swift and life enhancing ride.

A free trial cemented my need for hearing assistance, and I'm delighted to say I am back in the land of the hearing, managing the devices with professional and concise instructions from the MBHC team.

Having watched my parents make the late move to hearing aids, I'm excited to have gone early. It's lovely to be reconnected with the world in comfort.

- Stephanie, Launceston