Trade-in program. Save up to $1500 by trading in your old hearing aids

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Protect the value of your hearing aids

For most people, hearing aids can be one of the most expensive purchases and investments they make over the course of their lives.

Today in our industry that investment depreciates to effectively zero the minute you step outside your 60 day trial period.

To help address this, we have designed Australia's only fully comprehensive Trade-in program that now allows you to upgrade and save by trading in your old hearing aid(s). Save hundreds of dollars of lost value simply by bringing in your old hearing aid(s) when it is time to upgrade.

To trade your hearing aid(s) in, follow the easy steps below to put more of your money back in to your pocket.

(Government free to client hearing devices are capped at $250 per device)

How much money on your old hearing aids can you get back?

Hearing aid(s) aged 1-3 years - 12% of original price

Hearing aid(s) aged 4 years - 10% of original price

Hearing aid(s) aged 5 years - 8% of original price

Hearing aid(s) aged 6 years - 6% of original price

Hearing aid(s) aged 7+ years - 4% of original price

How to trade-in in three easy steps

Step 1

Ensure that your hearing aid(s) are made by one of the supported hearing aid manufacturers and in working order.

Step 2

Supply or original purchase invoice of your hearing aid(s). If you do not have a copy of this, please speak with our staff.

Step 3

Bring the hearing aid(s) into one of our offices, fill in the paperwork and a credit will be applied to your account.

Supported and eligible hearing aid brands


Please fill in the form below and find out how much you can save simply by trading in your old hearing aids