Build up or pain in your ear? Wax removal could be the answer

At Maria Brown Hearing Clinic we offer manual extraction and microsuction wax removal techniques. 

Officially known as cerumen, earwax is part of the ear's own cleaning system, designed to stop incoming dust, dirt, bacteria - even bugs - in the ear canal and ferry them out again.

The wax and trapped debris are propelled along by the movements of the jaw, at about the same speed that fingernails grow. When it reaches the ear opening, the wax usually dries, flakes and falls out, often without the human host noticing.

The process isn't always smooth. Having too much earwax, or wax that is too dry or too sticky, can create a buildup. Much of that is genetically determined.

Tens of thousands of Tasmanian's suffer from excess wax build up in their ears.


People report these symptoms from having an excess of wax

Notice a difficulty of hearing

Tinnitus or ringing of the ears sensation

Your ears feel full

Your ears are itchy

Feelings of pain or discomfort

Ears are releasing an odour

Some coughing

Answered yes to any of these? Wax removal may help

We recommend wax removal under the following circumstances

You are experiencing impacted ears from wax

Have suffered a perforated ear drum

Suitable if syringing is unsuitable

You are a hearing aid user/wearer

Had surgery or issues relating to your ear in the past

Your ear canals are narrow, or have a bend in them

Have an excess of hair in your ear canals

Also suitable for dermatitis or psoriasis

Wax removal costs only $45 per ear and takes less than 30 minutes.

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