The ultimate guide to hearing aids

The ultimate guide to hearing aids

All hearing aids work perform the same basic function in that they collect and deliver sound into your ear at an amplified level. That however is where the similarities end.

Technology, shapes, sizes, features are now more diverse than ever before.

While many options are limited by your hearing loss type and requirements, there are currently over 10,000 different types of hearing aids catering to just about every need you could imagine.

This diversity means that there is now almost a solution to meet any hearing loss type. Which aid is the best solution or you? Take a look at what is available!


Types of hearing aids


IIC. Invisible-in-canal


ITC. In-the-canal


RIC. Receiver-in-canal


BTE. Behind-the-ear

Hearing aid technology

One of the primary deciding factors when it comes to finding right solution to hearing loss is which technology level to choose.

The majority of the 10,000 different kinds of hearing aids can be placed into five different technology categories:

Ultimate - Full-featured devices that deliver the best hearing all the time

Premium - High performing devices for challenging listening situations

Standard - Good hearing performance with noise reduction features

Economy - Mildly featured devices that offer good value

Basic - For those with basic hearing needs

To help, we have created a simple easy to understand guide on hearing technology and how the different levels can help you.

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