Fashion hearing aids

Fashion hearing aids

Signia and Phonak are re-thinking how a hearing aid should look.


Form vs function. Can you have it all with hearing aids?

For at least the last 50 years, the design and look of a hearing aid has remained effectively unchanged. Perhaps in part because the clientelle who were wearing them for the longest time were generally found in the demographic of people who simply didn't really care so much about how a hearing aid looked. They simply wanted to hear.

Fortunately for us, this has finally started to change.

Driven in equal part from the ever faster falling average age of people with hearing loss and the permeation of technology into every square inch of our lives (including hearing aids). We are now finally seeing a new category of hearing aid emerge, one with a heavy emphasis on dragging the humble hearing aid into the 21st century to meet the needs of a younger, more active and more technologically savvy group of users.

Introducing the fashion hearing aid.

Since 2016 we have had one company in Signia producing a fashion focused hearing aid with the Styletto. This product has been updated several times since its induction, but Styletto now finds itself with some competition in the brand new Phonak Slim.

With the launch of the Phonak Slim happening this month, we thought it might be fun to stack these two fashion devices against one another to see which is the king of the hill when it comes to this new segment of hearing aid, designed for people who want to address hearing loss but do so in a stylish and visually appealing way.

May the best hearing aid win.



Signia Styletto: A simple clean design silhouette that comes with a beautiful metallic finish along its top line, the Styletto's all-in-one design has matured into a beautifully elegant and modern device.

Phonak Slim: Features bright glassy two-tone colours and a sleek pillow design that also features a simple push button on the outer side. Also comes with an elegant jewelery-box style charger.

Winner: Tie. Styletto has a slight edge on pure design, Slim looks visually a bit more premium.


Feature list

Signia Styletto: Features a rich list of features. Award-winning design, discreet fit, outstanding speech clarity, recharging on-the-go, Android and iPhone connectivity.

Phonak Slim: A real Swiss army knife of hearing aids, the slim features rechargeability, Bluetooth connectivity, programmable push button on the device and virtually every software feature you can find.

Winner: Phonak Slim. While both hearing aids have similar feature lists, the edge goes to Phonak will full Bluetooth connectivity.



Signia Styletto: Capable in any situation, Styletto shines in noisy environments along many of its technology levels. Particular highlight includes manual control of its directionality function via the phone app.

Phonak Slim: Only available in the higher technology levels, Slim is designed to excel in any environment. It's new SmartSpeech function is especially strong for understanding conversation regardless of where you are. 

Winner: Styletto. But only just. Both products are virtually identical functionality wise.


Value for money

Signia Styletto: Is available in all 5 hearing technology levels. Additionally, Styletto's case also comes with a rechargeable battery providing 3 full days of charge without the need for a power socket.

Phonak Slim: Comes in the top two technology and price tiers only. Slim is very feature rich out of the box but does not include any additional value advantages otherwise. Accessories are also the most expensive in the industry should you need them.

Winner: Styletto. Affordable options available as well as a full three days of battery inside the case for travelling makes it the clear winner here.


So, who wins?

Honestly, both products in this category are extremely feature rich alternatives to traditional hearing aids. Both options are extremely capable devices in their own right with the added benefits of looking stylish, elegant and unique.

If we had to pick a winner however, it might narrowly go to the Signia Styletto. However, personal taste in design would most likely be the deciding factor as both devices are neck and neck for features and functionality. The only real gap would be for people not looking to buy one of the top of the range options, in which case Styletto has a clear edge in this area.


Hearing never looked, or sounded so good

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