The cost of hearing loss is high

A hearing test takes only 15 minutes and is free

The cost of hearing loss is high

A hearing test takes only 15 minutes and is free


Things you might be missing out on with hearing loss


Friends and family

Communicating with those you love. Plus, hearing loss affects them as well


A better state of mind

Studies show hearing loss increases social isolation and profound loneliness


Cognitive function

Untreated hearing loss doubles dementia risk, and makes your brain less active


A productive lifestyle

Struggling to hear makes social activity, hobbies and work harder to perform

5 signs you need a hearing test

Difficulty participating in social situations

Asking people to consistently repeat themselves can be an embarrassing and unpleasant experience. The result of not however mean you only pick up parts of the conversation or none at all causing you to feel isolated, left out. This over time means you are likely to sit back and not participate as much, or as actively in conversation.

Listening to conversation makes you tired

Engaging with multiple speakers can be mentally exhausting. This can contribute to the feelings of isolation also, as your brain is too tired to keep up with distorted speech.

As hearing loss increases, so does the work load your ears have to go through to piece together conversation and sounds. This requires energy from your body to keep up.

Your family and friends start commenting

Because most hearing loss occurs gradually, most people at first do not even notice that they have developed hearing loss. As is often the case, the first time it is brough to someone's attention is from their friends and family noticing or observing something has changed.

You get headaches from using the phone

As your brain works overtime to piece together conversation, this additional energy requirement and workload can create tension and sometimes lead to headaches.

Your body is very good at communicating when you are doing something to it you shouldn't be.

You experience tinnitus

Many people choose to ignore the phantom sounds in their ears because they assume it will go away soon.

Tinnitus is a continuous ringing, buzzing or humming in our ears, especially after loud exposures to noise. It's believed that this happens when our brains try to fill the absence of certain sounds with a noise, which we label as tinnitus.

The symptoms of tinnitus fluctuate, and may mean you have hearing loss

If left untreated, hearing loss only gets worse.
Having a hearing test benefits not only yourself, but your loved ones as well.

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