Introducing our weekly payment plan

Introducing our weekly payment plan

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Pay for your devices each week

You can now pay for your hearing aid(s) weekly over 12, 18 or 24 months

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Pay zero interest ever!

You pay not a single dollar of interest for the entire payment term

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Premium hearing starts at $24/w

Connect to friends, family and loved ones with cost no longer standing in the way

The world's best hearing technology starting from only $24 per week

With our weekly payment plan option, you can slice the costs of your hearing aids and care up in to weekly payments. Takes only 5 minutes in the clinic to do the application and you are done. 

Health fund, Seniors and Pension card discounts/rebates still apply

Comes with our Gold program included, so no ongoing costs

Only a 10% deposit required


Start your hearing journey with a free hearing test, trial or consultation with one of our specialists today

Hear what our clients have to say about this exciting new product

"I was holding off on doing something about my hearing for many years but it has now gotten to the point where I am really struggling at work. If I had know there was a payment plan, I would have done this a year or two ago." - F. Neve

"The last few years my hearing has really dropped off. I can't thank Maria enough for what she has done for my ability to hear my friends and even my daughter on the phone. Much more convenient to manage the fortnightly payments." - D. Dart

Available on every product, from every brand at every price level

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