The cost of ignoring hearing loss is high

A hearing test takes only 15 minutes

The cost of ignoring hearing loss is high

A hearing test takes only 15 minutes

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1-in-6 Australians suffer from some form of hearing loss


30-40% decline in cognitive ability vs without hearing loss


Over 2x more likely to develop Dementia with hearing loss


80% of people with hearing loss do nothing about it

The longer you ignore hearing loss, the more it will affect your life

A recent study of 1500 people with hearing loss by Oticon confirmed once again the long held view that people with hearing difficulties find it hard to follow conversations and must concentrate to hear people talk.

People experiencing hearing difficulties reported:

60% found it difficult to follow conversations

41% must concentrate to hear someone talk/whisper

30% have difficulties understanding the television

29% have difficulty understanding what people say

This confirmed that understanding speech in noise is the most common problem of sufferers of hearing loss.

People only become aware of it because they need to concentrate and therefore use extra energy to compensate for their hearing difficulties.

The study also confirmed that some 70% of people with hearing loss need to ask people to repeat themselves.

In the past decade, studies have slowly begun to develop a larger body of evidence to support the view that hearing loss can impact us as we get older in more ways than just isolating us from friends, family and loved ones.

Some studies have even shown links to depression, anxiety and even some early connections to advancing dementia and Alzheimer's.

This evolution in our understanding on the affects of hearing loss are crucial in helping educate people as to why our hearing is not one of the senses we should take for granted, and that it in fact plays a vital role in our health as we get older.

If not addressed early, hearing loss can have some very serious and costly downsides.

5 ways to stay connected to friends, family and loved ones

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1. If you are over 50, get a yearly hearing test

The longer you ignore hearing loss, the most it will cost you. A hearing test takes only 15 minutes, and with Maria Brown Hearing Clinic it will cost you nothing. A hearing test will allow you to track any deterioration and address it before it becomes too late.


2. Make sure you do your research

If you are suffering from hearing loss, our main bit of advice is to do your research. Prices and rehabilitation programs can vary wildly between clinics so helps to get a couple of opinions. Also, ask about any after sales costs as these can sometimes come to more than the hearing aid itself.


3. Be sure to try before you buy

If you do decide to go down the path of getting a hearing aid, this is a decision that you could be living with for up to 8 years, so before being asked to commit to anything, be sure to ask your provider to spend a week with the product to make sure it actually addresses the issues you are struggling with.


4. Protect yourself with a money back period

Hearing aids do not work like glasses in that you can just put them on and hear everything. It takes time to adjustment to your surroundings and personalised needs. This adjustment process can take up to two months, so make sure you are covered with a money back period while this takes place.

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5. Find a provider offering a price match guarantee

Maria Brown Hearing Clinic has a price match guarantee. Don't pay more than you absolutely have to. By choosing a clinic that guarantees to match the lowest price, will in many cases end up saving you thousands of dollars.

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