Invisible hearing aids

Invisible hearing aids

Who wins the invisible hearing aid showdown.


How small do you want to go?

If you want small we have some amazing choices for you. Many manufacturers don’t focus on this technology. They have a product but some are better than others. If you want truly invisible you must have a deep fitting hearing aid which is determined by the size of your ear canal. Wax is also an issue if you have very waxy ears then these may not be the hearing aids for you.

Some people will not wear a hearing aid that is visible, and these are a perfect option for those occasions. It may also be that you work in a noisy environment, and you want to put earmuffs on over the top of your hearing aids. Invisible hearing aids make this much easier.

We are going to assess for you the different invisible hearing aids and may the best hearing aid win.



Starkey Soundlens: Do you want small and a hearing aid that fits deep inside your canal so no one can see it. Then the Starkey Soundlens is for you. The smallest custom-made hearing aid in the world if you truly want invisible then this hearing aid is the best in the business for hiding your hearing aids deep in your ear.

Phonak Virto Paradise: This hearing aid comes in a titanium version so that it is virtually indestructible. The titanium finish also gives this product a premium and sturdy feel to the product when it is in your hands. Also makes this product virtually indestructible to fingernails and bad eyesight.

Signia Silk: This hearing aid is what we classify as an instant fit hearing aid. This comes in a predetermined shape so it is not available to everyone, but this design is the most comfortable with soft custom sized sleeves that tailor the fit and shape perfectly to your ear canal.

Winner: Starkey Soundlens. The most invisible of the invisibles. The Soundlens wins on design because it manages to fit so much into so little a space.


Feature list

Starkey Soundlens: The only hearing aid that has a remote microphone to connect you to your phone in the invisible range. This hearing aid comes with a lot of power in a very small hearing aid so that even if you have a severe hearing loss you can have this hearing aid for your needs whilst still hiding the hearing aid.

Phonak Virto Paradise: Lacking in control features. There is no app or volume control with this hearing aid. It does however it scans 6 programs for you and changes into different programs after assessing your environment. A fully automatic hearing aid if your desire is to not have to adjust your hearing aid then this hearing aid ticks all the boxes.

Signia Silk: This hearing aid has a wonderful app to be able to control the hearing aid. The app goes on your phone and when you are in different environments you can make many changes to help with the listening situation. 48 channels also of technology helps you with sorting sounds for you. It is an instant fit hearing aid which means it has a form that is the same for everyone unlike the custom made hearing aids which are made from an impression of your ears.

Winner: Phonak Virto Paradise. Phonak brings many of the features found in its behind the ear products into this device for as close to a no-compromise in the ear alternative to its larger counterparts.



Starkey Soundlens: This is the smallest, most powerful hearing aid in the world. The ability to take phone calls with an intermediary device is a first for an invisible hearing aid. Going deep in the canal it also gives a great sound as this is where invisible hearing aids are supposed to be fitted to.

Phonak Virto Paradise: The Virto Paradise from Phonak scans 6 programs for you on an automatic scanner. If you don’t want to have to control your hearing aids this device is the only automatic hearing aid that will change to different environmental programs for you. Great if you don’t want to control with a phone or have to touch the hearing aid at all. Just put them in and away you go.

Signia Silk: Limited in power only suitable for mild to moderate hearing losses. The downside of this hearing aid is if you have any hearing loss and we need them to be turned up there is not a lot of room to turn these hearing aids up once they have been purchased. The free available phone app makes this hearing aid easy to use.

The winner: Phonak Virto Paradise. Easily the closest in functionality to its larger behind the ear counterpart, this device packs a lot of functionality into this segment and wins this round.


Value for money

Starkey Sounldens: Comes in 4 price ranges from top of the range down to our basic range. Affordable for everyone dispelling the myth that people can’t afford invisible hearing aids.

Phonak Virto Paradise: Available in 4 price points the technology has been reduced by the time you get to the basic price point. The hearing aid at the top of the range scans 6 programs for you and the basic technology scans 2 programs for you.

Signia Silk: Available in 5 different price ranges but lacking features in the cheapest range ie tinnitus masker. This makes this hearing aid available for all price points in the market. Plus comes with a free app to control the devices.

Winner: The Signia Silk. Our pick for the best value for money as it is small and has a free app to control the hearing aid.


So, who wins?

Overall Winner: The Starkey Soundlens.

This is truly the only invisible hearing aid in the world. A true invisible hearing aid has to hide right away in the ear canal. Starkey is the only company to have a completely hidden hearing aid. The other hearing aids challenge for features. An app is a great way to control your hearing aids and the two signia products are the only ones that actually have the use of an app.


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