When it comes to wanting the world's smallest, most comfortable and best sounding hearing aids, hundreds of Tasmanians are experiencing the incredible benefits of the Starkey SoundLens hearing solution.

Starkey SoundLens are the first and most popular custom-fit Invisible-in-the-Canal (IIC) hearing aids every made. They're custom fit to your unique ear canal for all-day comfort, and rest deep inside your ear where no one can see them.

SoundLens comes with Starkey's innovative features, including the industries most proven feedback canceller, and a noise reduction and speech preservation system that's designed to help you hear clearly and easily, even in noisy environments like restaurants.

SoundLens hearing aids are designed to accommodate and enhance a variety of listening environments. What you need will depend on how busy and active you are, and what types of environments you frequent.

The most advanced option available, the i110 level will cover the needs of even the most busy person. Including the noisiest of environments. The best of Starkey's technology packed inside. The premium level is specifically designed to assist in most environments experienced in a day. Can handle most environments including a noisy room. This level is more designed to provide basic hearing assistance such as one on one and phone conversation. A more basic product but still able to assist in day to day use.

The SoundLens has been an astounding success for its users. But is it the right solution for you? Here is a basic check list of the sorts of concerns the SoundLens platform can help you address:

You want - Hearing aids that no one will know you are wearing
SoundLens delivers - The world's first custom-fit Invisible-in-the-Canal hearing aids: fit deep in your ear canal where no one can see them

You want - A way to hear comfortably in noise
SoundLens delivers - Voice iQ which tackles the issue of hearing speech in noise

You want - Help in hearing higher frequency sounds
SoundLens delivers - The only technology that replicates high-frequency speech cues into lower frequencies, where they're easier to hear

You want - A personal and comfortable listening experience
SoundLens delivers - Sound compression technology designed to differentiate soft speech from loud, for a more enhanced and natural sound quality

You want - Easy, hassle-free controls
SoundLens delivers - With T2 remote, you can adjust memory or volume using any touch-tone phone

You want - No buzzing or whistling
SoundLens delivers - PureWave Feedback Eliminator is still the industry benchmark for performance

If these are the sorts of benefits you think you think could assist you and your hearing then the SoundLens could be the solution to hearing loss you have been looking for.

Call today for a FREE one week trial of the amazing Starkey SoundLens! Simply contact our friendly staff to speak to one of our specialists about this amazing new 100% invisible product.