Most people don't know much about their ears. Most people tend to leave their hearing until last. Eyes, back, aches, pains, dental. You name it and it most likely gets treated much sooner from the point of acknowledgement than does hearing. With this comes a general lack of knowledge about how ears work and even weaker again on the point how to solve it. One of the main challenges we face as a hearing clinic is helping clients understand why it is important to choose the right specialist because of this misinformation. On many occasions, when asked, people respond that their experiences with hearing aids come from the struggles they witnessed one of their parents of grand parents suffer through 10, 20 even 30 years ago!

Why is independent important?

The hearing industry is changing. The way of the world has moved on from your local corner store into a globalised marketplace. Even here in Tasmania, companies that once were owned by born and bred locals are now owned and operated by multi-national corporations. With this brings some positives in the form of increased services and competition into the marketplace. The downside to this however is that most of these hearing clinic chains only provide hearing solutions from one manufacturer. This would be fine, except that not every hearing aid manufacturer always has the best technology available on the market. In one year, one company might be up and the next it could be at the back of the pack. Certainly over the past 5 years this has been something that has definitiely been occurring. The problem is, as these providers are owned and operated by these manufacturers, they do not have the freedom to prescribe the absolute best solution to your hearing.

We are not contained or swayed by any such restrictions. This is important in that it means when consulting with our specialists, we wear our independence with pride. We also display no loyalties to any one manufacturer, which means if someone releases a new benchmark in hearing outcomes, we are there to fit it day one.

Coupled with our huge buying power, this allows us to not only get the best value across the market place, but to only fit the very best hearing technology. We also pay our specialists ZERO commissions, unlike most hearing clinic chains in the marketplace today.