It is time to re-think hearing care. Introducing hearing aid subscriptions.

A shocking 80% of people who have hearing loss do nothing about it. Of these people most state cost as either the number one reason for not taking action.

Something needs to be done about hearing aid and hearing care costs. The good news is that at Maria Brown Hearing Clinic we enjoy thinking outside the box.

Starting July 1st 2022 we are launching a pilot program exclusively for just 5 people a month to join our completely built from the ground up new concept for hearing aids and care.

We want to deliver the first major change to the hearing aid product and service model in 150 years.

Introducing our new Gold Club subscription option. The new weekly pay as you go option for hearing care.


Key features of Gold Club Subscription

Pay as you go option hearing solutions, service and care

All Gold Club benefits are included with every level

All repair costs are included with every level

All warranties and coverage is included with every level

Coverage for loss, theft or damage included. $500 excess

Only 30 days notice required to opt out

Technology is periodically updated and replaced

No obligation hearing care!

Buying vs Subscription

(pair of hearing devices)




Ultimate technology

Premium technology

Standard technology







Administration fee

Gold Club access

















Buying vs Subscription

(pair of hearing devices)


Get access to the world's best technology from just $19.95 a week.

Our feature product under this program is the Phonak Audeo Paradise.

A multi-functional hearing aid which delivers outstanding hearing performance and speech understanding, coupled with industry-leading wireless connectivity. With Phonak's next generation technology platform featuring more processing power and twice the memory of its predecessor, Phonak Paradise offers a host of newly developed features including personalised noise cancelling, motion sensors, tap control and multiple Bluetooth connections.

Enjoy a crisp, natural hearing experience in various environments, rediscovering the wonders of sound.


Access this program is by appointment only.

Please call 1300 797 519 today or fill in the form below.