6 Ways a Hearing Aid Can Improve Your Life

6 Ways a Hearing Aid Can Improve Your Life

Improving the ability to hear is a miracle that modern technology has allowed us to achieve. So, why should you get a hearing aid? What could such a cost offer to make it worth the outlay? There are many ways hearing aids can improve the lives of those with a hearing loss. Here are our top 6:

1. Hear the TV & music again – stop turning up the volume

One of the most common ways hearing loss affects people is in their consumption of media. Turning up the television, and having it at an unbearable volume for people of normal hearing, often becomes a point of contention in relationships where there is a hearing loss. Hearing aids can enable people to hear the shows and films they love once again, and enjoy those shared family moments by the television or at the cinema.

Another form of entertainment that often is lost due to hearing impairment is music-listening. Whether you once enjoyed the classic works of Chopin or the vocal stylings of Andrea Bocelli, hearing aids mean that the ability to hear music is an experience that can once again be enjoyed.


2. Improve communication within your relationship

In a relationship, communication is one of the most important skills required to maintain a loving and healthy connection. An untreated hearing loss undermines this and there is evidence to support those marriages with one person suffering from hearing loss end in divorce at 4 times the normal population rate.

Seeking help eliminates the cause of many hearing-related relationship problems such as arguments and feelings of being ignored or unheard.
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3. Be there for the moments that matter

Hearing enables us to connect with the moments that matter in life, such as Christmas family dinners, birthdays of loved ones, our grandchildren’s first words or steps, or simply intimate conversation over a nice meal.

When your ability to hear suffers, so does your family and social life. There are thousands of studies about the correlation between your hearing ability and the quality of life enjoyed as a result.


4. Reduce the risk of health issues such as dementia

There is a proven link between the level of hearing loss and the resulting risk of developing dementia. Mild hearing loss comes with a 2x risk of developing the condition, moderate hearing loss comes with 3x risk, and profound hearing loss carries a 5x risk of dementia.

Scientific research shows that hearing is good for the brain and increases cognitive function, meaning a hearing aid can significantly reduce the possibility of developing dementia and related conditions in people with hearing impairment.


5. Increase productivity and earning potential

Your ability to hear is vitally important for your professional life. With a hearing impairment, the likelihood of making errors increases and quality of life is reduced, impacting job performance. On top of lost income, hearing-related underperformance can also cost promotions and other career opportunities.

Hearing aids have been shown to mitigate income loss by 90%-100% for those with milder hearing losses and from 65%-77% for those with a severe to moderate hearing loss. For individuals nearing retirement, reducing any income loss as a result of hearing-impairment is even more important.


6. Get your social life back

If action isn't taken on hearing loss early, your ability to follow a conversation decreases and you are more likely to miss out on jokes and updates on your friends' and family's lives. This often results in feelings of social isolation and insecurity and increases the likelihood of you developing depression and anxiety.

Hearing aids reverse the effects of the impairment, meaning hearing aid users are more likely to be involved in group activities, have greater self-confidence, and have improved relationships with friends and family.


These are just our top 6 of the many ways in which hearing aids can improve your quality of life. Relationships, entertainment, and family life all benefit from the communication ability hearing aids can restore. 

Would you like to enjoy your life to the fullest?

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