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Maria Brown started her clinic, the Maria Brown Hearing Clinic, 14 years ago in Hobart, Tasmania with the help of her family. She is a qualified Audiometrist with 20+ years of industry experience passionate about helping Tasmanians reconnect with their families.   "I don't want hearing aids". We can assure you the percentage of people that come to see us feel exactly the same way. Unfortunately, the body deteriorates in many ways and with our hearing, it starts early and we don’t notice until some of the effects of that hearing loss make it difficult to communicate with people.  The 5 points...

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By Maria Brown, Education, Special Reports -

1. Manufacturers all give discounts to businesses working with them. This is a fact of business. All businesses in every industry receive discounts and the hearing industry is no different. A majority of clinics are even owned by the manufacturing companies!  What the consumer (you) has to look out for is being sold hearing aids by specialists. Many specialists are more comfortable with certain software and certain hearing aids, and they will sell you what they are comfortable to fit or what they get big discounts on. This is not what the consumer wants or needs! How do you know...

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