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This week, we sat down with Kevin Brown, Maria's son, and talked to him to find out more about him! How long have you been in and why did you get into the hearing industry? "I started the hearing clinic with my mother (Maria Brown) in 2004. We actually just passed our 17 year anniversary. Originally I found the technology and the difference it could make really fascinating which is why I was studying Audiometry for two years. It was during my time balancing my studies and managing the clinic that I realised the business management and advertising sides of...

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Maria Brown started her clinic, the Maria Brown Hearing Clinic, 14 years ago in Hobart, Tasmania with the help of her family. She is a qualified Audiometrist with 20+ years of industry experience passionate about helping Tasmanians reconnect with their families.   “No, this business is not a franchise. Maria Brown IS a real person. Maria Brown 14 years ago had a dream My dream was to change my industry to help people the way I had always believed I would. Instead, when I qualified I was expected to sell hearing aids. I would sit in business meetings while my husband was...

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