New - Made for the iPhone hearing aid

New - Made for the iPhone hearing aid

Press release from SiVantos: New top hearing aid – Made for iPhone

Fully networked hearing

No other hearing aid currently utilises the many possibilities of the iPhone as well as the new Signia Pure 13 BT. The hearing aid establishes a wireless connection with the iPhone via Bluetooth so that phone calls can be made in HD quality, music can be listened to and video conferences can be heard clearly - and much more. Even the sound of your home TV is transferred directly into both hearing aids in HD quality. In addition, Pure 13 BT uses the iPhone's motion sensors to detect everyday hearing situations even more precisely and adjust to them accordingly. Hearing aid wearers can also connect with their hearing care professional and have settings optimised remotely, among other options.

The new Signia Pure 13 BT features the same Bluetooth technology as many high quality wireless headphones to transfer telephone calls, music and the sound of video conferences into the hearing aids. This technology also transfers TV audio into the hearing aids without the need to wear an intermediate device. Instead, the StreamLine TV accessory, a transmitter box connected to the audio source, sends the HD audio signal from the TV directly into the hearing aids.

At the same time, apps allow for more settings than with any other hearing aid. The hearing aids can be remotely operated and the program, volume and sound can be regulated via the Signia myControl app. Even the TV sound can be controlled with this app. The Signia myHearing app helps the hearing care professional to see when and how the hearing aids are used. In this way, they can adjust the hearing aids to the wearer's needs and habits in an even more customised way. If necessary, this can also be done remotely without the wearer having to visit the hearing care professional in person. Not only can the hearing aid wearer use the app to access an extensive knowledge database for questions regarding the hearing aid, but if necessary the hearing care professional can also be reached by text or voice message.

Signia Pure 13 BT even uses the iPhone’s motion sensors so it can detect whether the wearer is currently walking or running, for example. If this is the case, the hearing aids not only amplify the voice of a conversation partner, they also pay attention to any important ambient noises, such as approaching vehicles. This increases both the wearing comfort and the level of safety in road traffic.

These technologies bring listening to a whole new level with Pure 13 BT. They complement already proven technologies for the wireless connection of hearing aids to each other as well as to external audio sources. When hearing aids are required in both ears, as is usually the case, the hearing aids synchronise continuously in order to allow for a balanced overall hearing experience. This automatic exchange of acoustic signals creates a virtual eight-microphone network to always deliver the best possible speech intelligibility, no matter what the situation.

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No other hearing aid currently utilises the many possibilities of the iPhone as well as the new Signia Pure 13 BT. Even the motion sensors of the smartphone are used to improve hearing.

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