Welcoming Denise Dewar. The new manager at our Bellerive Office

Starting April 1st, Maria Brown Hearing Clinic now has a dedicated manager for our Eastern Shore office located at 9 Cambridge Rd Bellerive.

Denise Dewar has joined our great team and will be focused on making sure the highest quality hearing care is provided to all of our clients located on the Eastern Shore.

"I am very excited to help Maria Brown Hearing Clinic in building our office at 9 Cambridge Rd, Bellerive into the pre-eminent hearing care provider here on the Eastern Shore. Maria and Estelle’s passion in making sure you receive the very highest quality care imaginable is a vision I look every bit as forward to delivering to you in the coming years. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you need anything."

If you would like to contact Denise, her office details are as follows:

Denise Dewar
Ph: (03) 6244 5990
Email: denise.mbhc@outlook.com

Our Eastern Shore office is open 9am to 5pm and I would invite everyone to give Denise a warm welcome to the team.