Seniors Week is BACK - This October 13th to 19th

Seniors Week is the perfect opportunity to live life and get out in this beautiful spring weather and get mobile. As part of Seniors Week, Maria Brown Hearing Clinic is going to be holding its biggest event of the year.

We are offering all Seniors Card holders state-wide the chance to participate in our free hearing test and free 7 day trial of the latest hearing solutions from Siemens in the Ace and the Insio Micon at one of our three offices across the state. You can spend a whole week trialling the worlds best hearing technology and hear for yourself what a difference reconnecting with family, friends and loved ones can do for you.

The new Micon platform of hearing technology from Siemens has been chosen due to its incredible 48 channels of sound and automatic functionality. Simply put it on and you are ready to tackle the day.

Seniors Week Free Hearing Test and Trial Event

61 Davey St, Hobart
9 Cambridge Rd, Bellerive
9 Innes St, Launceston

By appointment only, Monay 13th of October to Friday 19th of October

Spots are limited so call 1300 797 519 or visit the contact us page for more information.