5 Proven Ways You Can Protect Your Hearing

5 Proven Ways You Can Protect Your Hearing

Some things in life are worth too much to lose, like the ability to hear your grandchild’s first laugh, talk with your family over Christmas dinner, or hear the sound of your daughter singing at her music recital.

Fear not - these are moments you do not have to miss out on. Whilst your level of hearing cannot be restored, you can protect and maintain the level you currently have. These are 5 proven, helpful ways you can start protecting your hearing today. 

1. Use the 60/60 Rule

Music listening is one of the leading causes of hearing loss, with trends in Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) increasing and affecting more and more people of all ages.

To prevent damage caused by high levels of music listening, use the '60/60 rule': try to listen to no more than 60 minutes of music at more than 60% volume in a day.


2. Give Your Ears a Rest

Your ears, much like muscles, need time to heal and recover after strenuous use.

If your ears have been exposed to high levels of noise for extended periods of time, whether you be at a bar, venue or event, try to occasionally step outside for a few minutes to give your ears the relief they need and keep your hearing intact.

3. Avoid Cotton Tips

Cotton tips have been commonly used for ear wax removal in the past, though modern research has shown that improper or frequent use can damage the ear canal and vitally important hearing organs -- these are best kept unused, in the container they came in.

Ear wax typically moves its way through the canal out of the ear by movements of the jaw, such as chewing or speaking. Because of the delicacy of hearing-related organs, it is always recommended that if manual ear wax removal is required, it be performed by a professional.

4. Keep Your Ears Dry

Excess water can gather in the ear when performing everyday activities such as swimming or bathing. This can carry with it bacteria and allow it to enter the ear and cause infection, increasing the chance of damage.

Use waterproof swimming earplugs to prevent this, or gently towel dry after such activities to reduce the possibility of bacterial infection.


5. Get regular hearing tests

Of course when it comes to hearing loss, prevention is the best treatment, as there is no cure. As it builds gradually over time and slowly detracts from your quality of life, it is important to catch it as early as possible to prevent any further damage and maintain healthy living. Good news is that a hearing test takes 15 minutes and is 100% free!

There are many ways to protect your hearing, but these five are some of the most effective methods that you can implement now to start looking after your hearing.

Start protecting your hearing today

A hearing test takes 15 minutes and is free. Call 1300 797 519 to book or visit our Free Hearing Test page for more information.