Introducing our new hearing awareness campaign! - SOLUTIONS

Introducing our new hearing awareness campaign! - SOLUTIONS

Maria Brown Hearing Clinic is proud to announce the launch of our new hearing awareness campaign called..


This campaign was designed to help raise awareness and information on four main topics that we believe our clients suffer most from when thinking about addressing hearing loss. These include; hearing aids cost too much, I can't hear my family, how they look and hearing in noisy environments. Our most recent survey revealed most people don't realise that many of the perceived negatives surrounding hearing solutions don't actually exist at all. Upon noticing a severe deficiency of information on these subjects we decided the time was right to help people remove these fears and finally DO something about their hearing loss.


TV Advertisement 1 - A hearing aid costs too much

TV Advertisement 2 - I cannot hear people in noise

TV Advertisement 3 - I don't want anyone to know I have a hearing aid

TV Advertisement 4 - I can't hear my loved ones