Introducing Integrated Experience. Enjoy conversation clearly, in real-time

Introducing Integrated Experience. Enjoy conversation clearly, in real-time

Signia has introduced its latest platform, the Integrated Xperience (IX), showcasing its ability to identify multiple conversation participants in real-time. The platform is engineered to enhance sound clarity and precision for individuals in dynamic, multi-speaker situations, even when the speaker or the wearers are on the move.

Our initial feedback from our Seniors Week launch event for this platform indicated that this technology represents a dramatic step forward in speech audibility in social environments.

Integrated Xperience by Signia utilizes insights into the changing positions of speakers, ensuring continuous engagement in noisy and immersive environments. Mike O’Neil, president of Signia U.S., emphasizes the importance of evolving hearing technology to meet the demands of dynamic conversational settings. He states, “With Signia Integrated Xperience, we’re delivering a solution to HCPs that empowers wearers to actively contribute to every conversation, creating a future – that now exists today – where every conversation becomes an enriching and fulfilling experience, rather than one that’s frustrating and isolating.”

A study assessing speech performance in group conversations revealed a significant improvement in speech understanding with Signia Integrated Xperience, with 95% of participants reporting enhanced hearing clarity compared to scenarios without it.

Integrated Xperience relies on Signa’s Augmented Focus split processing technology, which separates speech and background noise for a clear contrast. The platform incorporates RealTime Conversation Enhancement, analyzing, augmenting, and adapting to the dynamic flow of multi-party conversations. The process unfolds in three stages:

  • Analyze: Processes 192,000 data points per second to detect speakers and analyze conversation dynamics.
  • Augment: Uses analyzed data to control multiple focus streams, highlighting each speaker's voice amidst noise. Simultaneously, Augmented Focus split processing handles background sound for an immersive conversational experience.
  • Adapt: Signia’s Multi-Stream Architecture updates 1,000 times per second, creating a dynamic auditory space that tracks and enhances multiple moving speakers in real-time.

Integrated Xperience is already proving impactful, with the launch of this product in Australia occuring in late October in conjunction with Seniors Week, we were able to conduct over 25 trials of this product with clients across Tasmania and the results spoke for themselves with all new users of hearing aids reporting increased fidelity of hearing in noisy environments. Of the participants in our event who had experience with hearing aids before, all of them reported exceptional sound quality and improved communication in various environments.

The Pure Charge&Go IX and Silk Charge&Go IX hearing aids are the first models to leverage the Integrated Xperience platform.

Pure Charge&Go IX, featuring RealTime Conversation Enhancement and Own Voice Processing (OVP) 2.0, ensures comfort and natural sound for patients with mild to severe hearing loss. It offers future-proof connectivity, including Bluetooth LE Audio, iOS, ASHA, and Bluetooth operability. The AI-powered Signia Assistant enhances personalized support, adapting to the patient’s environment.

Silk Charge&Go IX, a rechargeable, completely-in-the-canal (CIC) hearing aid, includes a built-in power bank for on-the-go charging, compatible with USB 3.0 and wireless Qi charging. Both models are available as IX CROS for individuals with single-sided deafness.

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