Well firstly, let us all at Maria Brown Hearing Clinic start of with a giant thank you to our amazing clients for 2016. It truly was an amazing year and we are ready to tackle an exciting 2017 with both arms.

Here is just a brief preview of some of the exciting things coming in 2017:

- We are going national. Starting this year, we are launching a series of services designed to open up our hugely popular hearing care and service to clients across Australia. Many of our online shoppers have been asking for some of these services and we are looking forward to rolling them out around the middle of this year. Keep an eye on the website for more information as the year unfolds.

- As of January 1st, Wax Removal is now a service we offer at our Hobart and Bellerive offices. $30 per ear, simply call to make an appointment and allocate about 20 minutes for us to do a pair of ears. Most people should be having this done once a year.

- Government hearing care is coming. We are working frantically to obtain government services for our clinics. While we have absolutely loved being fully private, it is usually the most requested service from our clients and we are in the business of keeping our clients happy, so its happening. Keep an eye on our website for the start dates etc.

- Launceston is now 5 days a week! Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday we are now open 10am to 2pm and Thursday is still 9am to 5pm. Batteries, supplies, advice, servicing the lot can all be obtained during these times. Appointments with the specialist are still restricted to Thursdays.

- Simpler and cheaper. We are simplifying this year. Instead of 6 levels of technology we are moving to 5 levels of technology. As an independent supplier of hearing care, we only recommend the best technology and we want to showcase the very best technology, and help cut out all the noise!

- Rewards Club. To go with our simpler and cheaper changes to our product range, we are also streamlining our Exclusive Rewards Club for 2017. Idea being is we want to cram as much value into our pricing structure as possible, so keep an eye on our website in the coming months for more information

- The website is going to become more interactive. Our store, videos, information on feature hearing aids, interactive features and much more are coming to our website every week of this year. We have a dedicated staff member helping us keep our visitors at the absolute cutting edge of information about what is happening with their ears and in the industry. Watch this space.

Again we are beyond excited for 2017, it is already shaping up to be a huge year for us with the launch of the new Silk hearing device from Siemens we are trialling at the end of this month, plus with all the changes, new products and innovations in the pipeline, we thing 2017 is going to be a huge year for you and our clients as well.

Welcome to 2017!